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Some Frequently Asked Questions...

Are the people who work for you going to be rough with my child?

No, We have hand picked and trained these agents personally so they completely understand the difference between criminal and student.

What kind of people are your agents?

Our agents are current ,former , reserve, or retired law enforcement professionals from agencies from coast to coast.

How often do you move young people to programs?

CEO / President Roy Negrete personally moves on an average of 60 to 80 students per year.

What about girls?

We have female agents that meet the same high standards, and experience that our male agents have.

How do you get them there?

We use GROUND or AIR, which ever is appropriate for your situation. [CEO / President Roy Negrete has flown over a million air miles.]

How can I get in touch with you?

Adolescent Escort Service of Calif. Inc / Corporate Office
445 W. 59th St. San Bernardino, CA 92407
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